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#151 Posted by Odyssey_Dawn (84674 posts) - - Show Bio


This issue was okay. Looks like we can add Joker to the death toll

Why so serious

#152 Posted by Odyssey_Dawn (84674 posts) - - Show Bio



#153 Posted by Buckshot (18914 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought it was kinda lame at the end. Wanted more villains, not just a sun-eater. Also, there were supposed to be repercussions for the WSU, but there really weren't. I did like the beginning though. Majestic likes Doomsday.

#154 Posted by Kurrent (14067 posts) - - Show Bio

I was very disappointed. Best part was the Zealot/Batman battle

#155 Posted by TheDrifter (26555 posts) - - Show Bio
Nighthunter said:
"On a side note: Drifer killing Doctor fate? I mean come on
I could take Fate :P
#156 Posted by King Saturn (224000 posts) - - Show Bio
Dreamwar was okay overall... I like when Midnighter played Pele on Green Arrow's head and broke his neck


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