Anyone miss the only superhero based Wildstorm universe?

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Sure some of the stories were 2-d but the characters showed promise.

Anyone read the new Wilstorm stuff?

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Waiting for buckshot to chime in here. He's a pretty big wildstorm fan.

Personally I liked wildstorm when they first got off the ground. But maybe cuz I was a teenager at the time and loved the extra attention to the girls :)

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#3 Posted by Buckshot (19357 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm reading some of the new stuff but I'm really waiting for Wildcats (and Authority). Which books are you talking about as being less superhero based? PHD isn't but most of the others still have their superheroes don't they?

#4 Posted by MitMan (33 posts) - - Show Bio

I was maening the early Stormwatch, Wildcats, Backlash. That type of comics. Wish they would bring back Backlash.

I miss him

#5 Posted by Buckshot (19357 posts) - - Show Bio

She'll be back.


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