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Written by Scott Beatty with Christos Gage

Art by Wes Craig

Cover by Ivan Reis and Richard Friend

Spinning from the pages of WildStorm: Armageddon! The trio of heroes led by Nemesis nears their goal in finding the secret of the pending destruction…but for answers, they must first deal with a pair of Wildcats by the name of Zealot and Grifter! And this Coda reunion won't be pretty! But what's at the heart of this conspiracy, spanning generations in the WildStorm Universe? And are they prepared for the horrifying answer?

With swords raised, Zealot asks Savant what's going on. She and Jodi start to explain that they're trying to save the world and avert the apocalypse when Nemesis' attitude makes a bad situation worse. She and Zealot start fighting and Grifter keeps guns trained on Jodi and Savant so they can't interfere and stop the fight, but when neighbors start yelling "catfight" over their balconies they all go inside. Savant explains the information they just found and what they're doing. They're trying to find as much information as they can about the so-called "missing generation" of SPBs and how they might fit into the Apocalypse. Grifter looks at the information and connects Craven to Gamorra, which will be their next stop. While he and Savant talk, Zealot and Nemesis have their own private chat in another room about Zealot being Savant's mother.

Grifter goes outside to smoke and walks into Marc Slayton and bunch of his agents. Within seconds he's taken down a number agents and Slayton himself, even managing to put a hole in his new leg. Grifter goes back inside for some help and finds the girls gone. He prepares for last stand type situation only to be pulled through a teleporter just before the PSI guys reach him. He finds himself in the middle of Stonehenge with Savant nearby getting ready to set off a small singularity within the apartment they just left. Back at the building Slayton manages to get all his men out in time but all of Savant's files are destroyed (along with the whole building) so he doesn't know what they're doing and has no trail. Savant, Nemesis and Jodi leave Grifter and Zealot at Stonehenge and head to Nemesis' place. They find it trashed, courtesy of The Authority, but Nemesis' second sword is still there.

Since Gamorra is blocked off from teleportation, the three take a plane and parachute in. Upon landing they strip off their clothes to reveal costumes that will allow them to get into Gamorra's stronghold. They sneak in as concubines hoping to blend in among Gamorra's other wives and women but Savant gets caught trying to access Gamorra's computer. Elsewhere in the building Nemesis and Savant are caught by Minotaur and brought to Kaizen Gamorra himself.

Issue contains preview for Supernatural: Rising Son.

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