nerd_of_a_hero's Wildstorm Revelations #1 - Revelations Part One: The Coming Storm review

WS Revelations #1

Review:   Note that this is right after Wild Cats: Amrageddon. 
Two gals bathing in the bath tub. Winter grabbing Jet's boobies while infiltrating the StromWatch Prime Headquarters (she kicked him in the balls too^-^). Nemesis making quick work on both Jet and Savant. Jet wearing a Batman T-shirt?! Laughing at a impossible faith that would end the world. Going up against The Authory...Yeah, it's all in here and enjoyable. No one seem to happy with having Nemesis around, she must be a complete bitch for her to be ahted by everybody, and yet, Jet and Savant are willing to work with her despite her story. While I do think the art is ok, I prefer Talent Caldwell's more. And once again there's a bit to many ad's, like 8 or so. While I do wish of something more, it's a good start on the WS Revelations mini-series.

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