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  • William ''Bam'' Boome:  A football jock, he's more brawn than brains. He's best friends with Zak. Bam has an outgoing personality and loves to party. His Wildside is the Gorilla which gives him superhuman strength and dexterity, making him the muscle of the team.
  • Jessica ''Jess'' Jennings: Jess is Styler's best friend and harbors some romantic feelings for him. She likes animals and helps out at a local animal refuge. Her love for animals and knowledge makes her the team's animal expert. Her Wildside is the eagle, granting her flight and sharp talons.
  • Katrina ''Kat'' Summers: A cheerleader and girlfriend of Zak. She originally wanted the Wildsiderz powers to help her with her acrobatics, but she eventually grew to become a valued member of the team. Her Wildide is the Panther which gives her superhuman agility, balance, hearing and claws.
  • Derek Styler: Styler is the co-creator of the solid-light technology which grants the team their powers. He's a lover of skateboarding and insects, he also has a genius level expertise with computers. Styler's Wildside is the Dragonfly which grants him flight, 360 degree vision and a tail which fires energy bolts.
  • Zachary ''Zak'' Hamilton: Zak is an athlete and on the same football team as his friend Bam. He Requested Styler to take Data from a special effects studio to create his Wildside, the Velociraptor. His Wildside gives him incredibles speed, sharp claws ans teeth and a strong bite.

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