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The X-Men are investigating the disappearance of a young mutant boy which appears to be connected to a British branch of the Hellfire Club. At the same time, the WildC.A.T.s are investigating a suspected allegiance between this branch of the Club and the Daemonites.

During a reconnaissance mission at the mansion, Nightcrawler is assaulted by Warblade, who mistakes the X-Man for a Daemonite. They are accosted by Hellfire Club minions; one exposes itself as a Daemonite and attacks Warblade, who kills the entire group, then is teleported away.

Two months later, as the X-Men plan to sneak into the Club to investigate further, Lord Emp receives and accepts an invitation for Jacob Marlowe (his human name) to join the Club, and takes Spartan and Voodoo with him; they are accepted into the Club, but are later ambushed and incapacitated. The other WildC.A.T.s and the X-Men converge on the Club's mansion and battle combined Club and Daemonite forces, and eventually discover Emp and the missing mutant boy deep underground, where they are to be sacrificed to a demonic creature which is summoned by the Club's leader.

A vicious battle ensues, and Emp and the boy are freed. With its sacrifices taken away, the creature is unsummoned, and the resulting energy vortex destroys the Club's mansion. Jean Grey and Void save the two teams from the rubble, and the remaining Club and Daemonite forces are defeated. The two teams part on less than friendly terms, as the X-Men (eve Wolverine) are disturbed by the WildC.A.T.s' lethal tactics and merciless attitude about killing.

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