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 It's official, Max Faraday, the reluctant messiah hailed throughout the Hollow Realm as the Chosen, has completely lost it! He's trying to make the world a better place but, instead, he's wreaking havoc across the globe. As the world begins to crumble, the desperate forces of the WildStorm Universe band together to defeat the power-crazed former slacker, except for the Wildcats ‹ who want to help Max realize his "Divine Right!"  

A little over three years earlier...

Somewhere in the New Mexico Desert, Project Genesis exists which will soon inadvertently give birth to the superhero teen group, Gen 13. Caitlin Fairchild, Roxy Spaulding, and Percival "Grunge" Chang, discuss the days happenings at the compound. Caitlin heads off by herself afterward and is confronted by Max Faraday in his god-form. He tells her that one day he'll call on Gen 13 to stand by him.


The Wildcats are somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Lord Emp tells everyone that Max Faraday has "closed-down" the space-time continuum which keeps Void from teleporting them all to Max's location. He also fills in everyone about who who Max is and how they got to this current crisis.

At I.O. headquarters, Lynch and the others discuss what to do now that their assault against Max failed (see Divine Right #11). Devan and Jenny realize that despite Max 'making' them love each other before, he may have been pulling from feelings they already had for each other. Susanna logs online and tries to communicate with Max. She tells Max to stop what he's doing but he refuses.

The Wildcats arrive in the Middle East where they see The Creation Wheel has been unearthed. Max is there as well and is mocking them by appearing in his pizza-delivery clothes. Lord Emp asks Max to surrender. When Max refuses Grifter shoots him in the face. This, of course, only angers Max and he reverts to his god-form.

The Wildcats are no match for Max but Emp waits until Max is beneath the Creation Wheel. Then he attacks and actually hurts Max. Apparently, Max cannot access the power when he's beneath the wheel. Emp prepares to kill Max, but Max tells Emp he came prepared. Gen 13 shows up to defend Max.    

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