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Spartan does some midnight investigating and learns that there is something afoot on the planet of Khera. "Earth!" Story by Alan Moore. Art by Dave Johnson. Meanwhile back on Earth, the criminal underworld declares war on Savant and her team of WildC.A.T.s.                                           

Spartan overrides some of his protocols so he could revert to his old self, the concerned member of the WIldC.A.T.s. He checks up on Void and Warblade, who inform him that Voodoo has quit the team and Maul is underground with his fellow Titans. Spartan visits Maul, then Voodoo, finding answers to the problem of something on Khera breaking up the team. He realizes he needs to speak to Zealot, so he goes to her palace. Zealot is asleep when he arrives there but Spartan overhears two members of the Coda plotting a conspiracy for the next day in the Senate, where they will bomb both Zealot and Emp and blame it on the Titans. That way, the Coda could take control of the Kherubim Senate. Before he can leave, the Coda find him and disrupt his memory. Voodoo finds him some time later, damaged in the Daemonite ghetto. Meanwhile, on Earth, a gathering of super-villains view some footage of the new WildC.A.T.s in action and realize what a viable threat they are and plan to do something about it.

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