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Zealot trains Voodoo in the ways of the Coda and how to fight and defend herself. During the training, a flying ship crashes by them and a man, Alabaster Wu, runs out from the gunfire of an alien. Zealot leaps to his aid, killing the alien, as Voodoo tends to Alabaster Wu. Zealot decides to investigate the ship as Alabaster Wu runs off and the dead body of the alien reaches out with tentacles and captures Voodoo, possessing her, but not before she summoned assistance from her teammates. Zealot finds a girl, Miranda Tai, on the ship unconscious when she is attacked by more aliens. Soon, a man named the Huntsman, who protects Miranda Tai, jumps in to help Zealot. After defeating the aliens, they make each others acquaintance and learn that Voodoo was possessed. Together, they give chase to Voodoo, who has been been chasing Alabaster Wu, who is a friend of Lord Emp and is currently seeking his assistance. The alien possessing Voodoo then uses Voodoo's connection with the WildC.A.T.s to gather them and look for Alabaster Wu. He has finally found Lord Emp and when they speak, the WildC.A.T.s arrive, believing that Alabaster Wu is setting up Lord Emp. However, before things can be resolved, Troika and Providence arrive to fight the superheroes.

"A Soldier's Story" (short story):
It tells about Soldier's first encounter with Zealot in the Korean war, 1950.

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