nerd_of_a_hero's WildCats Armageddon #1 - As Ye Sow... review

Superheroes caused Armageddon

Void take Nemesis to the future where the world is a living hell and must find out what's the cause of it all in order to prevent it from happening. I really enjoyed this issue, meanly because of Talent Caldwell's art design for the characters. The writing's ok as well, though a bit long. You also get to learn briefly of Nemesis backstroy as Void will tell that she knows about her. Mr. Majestic is also badass here; ever since Armageddon he's been messed up in the head and has turned on the WildCats just to build a new Society with the remaining survivers of humanity live on island where politics as such are not allowed. He attempts to take Nemesis with him, only for her to refuse. I'll also note that Grifter and Zealot are a good pair. This just shows you of Nemesis appearing in the future, and like several others heroes from the Wild Cats universe, she attempt's to prevent the cause of Armageddon.


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