dark_noldor's WildCats #30 - Bad Medicine 4 of 4: In Practice review

Too many Doctors,a Sick Little Girl & a Happy Ending to Everybody

I really didn´t liked the last 4 issues of WildCats, as I didn´t enjoy reading the past few issues of Authority: the World´s End appeal was completely gone and replaced by a weak story about a bunch of displaced and lost heroes that, despite trying to bring order into this broken planet, didn´t quite have a clue what to do. This whole mess about Gaia, dead Doctors, a vengeful protegé, bad interactions with the characters (exception for the grudge between Zealot and Midnighter), phrofecies of armageddon to come, a twisted tale of fertilization in a coma (involving Majestic and Nemesis), Grunge as a reliable and genius (no matter that it was "explained" in the end), shoting the Carrier into the voidless space in search for a new home, only to come back to Earth unnexplicably when they´re needed most (the explanations in Authority # 29), it goes on and on, and it´s all bad news. The truth is that after Gage left this title and Beechen took his place (althought I have to admitt that the "Red Blade" arc story was ok, issues #s 19 to 21) this book was faded to end, and after Jim Lee´s announcement that it was indeed the end of Wildstorm it really hit me: it was definitely the end and with a lame story!! Mike Miller is a good artist, but not alone for me to really enjoy and recommend this book. It´s the downfall of the Wildstorm Universe and, despite the fact of a hopefull ending (eternal circle of life), it´s falling fast and bad. Maybe it was really time to put these amazing characters in the refrigerator and wait till a good writer comes up with a new kind of story for them, but what really upsets me is that, maybe, all that happened in the last two years and a half with Authority, Wildcats, Gen13 and Stormwatch will go straight to the drain, as a story that never happened when the people in DC reboots these series. Avoid this volume after issue # 18. Same thing about Authority, avoid it after issue # 17.
2 out of 5 (It´s just a little meowh)


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