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Now this issue reminded me of the old days. We have the MIRV aircraft back with the Wildcats out together on a mission. It felt very nostalgic to me. People have complained that they don’t think that the Wildcats are showing that Armageddon affected them much. It’s almost like hating the guy who brought the raincoat to the ballgame and no one else did, so guess who’s the only one who didn’t get wet. It’s like we’re punishing the Wildcats for being prepared and by all rights they SHOULD be the ones who were most prepared because Nemesis is the only one who actively tried to stop Armageddon. I like that they are a team again and are capitalizing on that by working together to continue to help as many survivors as they can. Because at this point, what else can they do? They are making progress by being able to survey the land with MIRV now so once they deal with the problems in this issue, they can continue to explore outward and show us what else is going on in the post-Armageddon world. And that will hopefully give them a better idea of what can be done to help because the bottom line is, they want to help rebuild the world. And that’s going to take a long, long time.
Also, another great start to the back-up story. First, I love that it’s Marc Slayton they’re focusing on and second, I love that he still doesn’t know what’s happened to the world. It probably won’t be until the end of this little back-up that he’ll actually know what happened. Either that, or at some point, he’ll get that message from Lynch that the other former Team 7 members received and that will clue him in. Great set-up though by having to make him escape from the I.O. facility all alone.
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