grifter78's WildCats #27 - Bad Medicine 1 of 4: The Broken Heart of the World review

The end draws near


Well, it’s no secret that I write this review within a day of hearing about the demise of the Wildstorm imprint.   So needless to say, it made reading this bitter-sweet.   It was a really good issue but now more than before do I really feel like I’m reading about the end of the world.


The reveal of who Aeon may seem to most that it came out of left field.   But one thing about World’s End is that it definitely has catered to long-time fans.   Even after hearing the villain’s true name, it was a little insert a few panels later that solidified for me who it really was.   Since we already got to see many of the major Wildstorm villains appear in World’s End I had no idea who this might be.   I was a little underwhelmed but I think it’s cool that Beechen took something left over from a past Wildstorm book and decided to use it here.  


There are some great fights in the issue but we do have a few quite moments between the characters.   These interactions in quieter moments do have a more somber feel for me now since I know the appearances of all these characters are now numbered.   But, like I said, there are plenty of nice Easter eggs for longtime fans.  


The villain’s plot is definitely interesting.   I’m not sure if we’ll ever really get to see what he’s talking about when he explains his motives but who knows.   We do have 3 issue left after all.


The twilight of the Wildstorm Universe is upon us and I for one am going to savor every last moment of it.   It was an exciting issue but I wasn’t blown away by it.   Either that, or I’m still reeling from the news.   Regardless, I look forward to seeing how this all wraps up.

Posted by Trodorne

Seems like it could be good, just been very iffy on to pick it up or not

Posted by grifter78
@Trodorne: well, if you decide to, at least you know there's only 3 issues left to end the story.

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