grifter78's WildCats #16 - Family Meeting review

The battle rages on!

(No Spoilers)

Another good entry to Gage’s final run on Wildcats.   I’m still not crazy about Shawn Moll’s art but there were some moments where I feel he did shine a little (without spoiling anything I’ll say it was a nice two-page splash and a single slash-page involving swords).   I find it interesting how fighting against Tao in his current state is more about one-upping each other’s imagination instead of a straight-up beat down.   It has made for some interesting moments during the battle.   Tao makes a reference to chess during the fight and that’s the best way to describe how this story has been going.   While Team 7 and the Wildcats provide the brute-force, Spartan & Max Faraday are playing a game of “imaginative strategy” with Tao.   Warblade also had a very cool use of his powers while fighting on the beach.   It harkened back to Alan Moore’s run where he first learned to use his powers to their fullest instead of simply turning his hands into blades all the time.   And once again, things turn for the worse by the end of the issue and it’s really got me curious as to how our heroes will inevitably win the day at this point.


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