grifter78's WildCats #15 - Left Behind review



(No Spoilers)

Christos Gage said at San Diego Comic Con this year that he set out to do an epic story with his final Wildcats arc and he is definitely delivering.   This is turning out to be the biggest Wildstorm crossover in a long time.   We’ve got Team 7 reunited and all the Wildcats together along with several of the characters from Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday.   You’ve got two god-like beings in Tao and Max Faraday so the odds have been raised sky-high.   If I had any complaint about this last arc for Gage it’s the art.   Nothing against Shawn Moll, but I just can’t get into his art.   There is a huge two-page battle spread in the middle of the issue that I felt lost a lot of the impact because the art just isn’t that strong.   Art in comics is something that we can all debate about forever but the bottom line is, if the average comic-fan browses issue of comics he/she doesn’t know, the art is the first thing they see before they read the story.   And I’m afraid people are passing up this last Wildcats arc because the art isn’t attracting them.   It’s a shame that cover-artist Ryan Sook couldn’t do the interiors.   His covers for this arc have been phenomenal.   Overall, I am thoroughly enjoying Gage’s last arc.   His strength has always been in staying true to Wildstorm’s past and I love Max’s point of view about all the Super-Powered-Beings in the world.   He makes a good point and makes you wonder who is really right in the end.   That’s the kind of storytelling I enjoy.


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