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Spartan makes his presence known in L.A. in Part 1 of the chilling 6-part "Serial Boxes." But he's not the only new super-being in town, as he and the rest of the 'Cats learn at the hands of the deadly killer known as "Slaughterhouse Smith."

As Spartan — now head of the Wildcats — makes his android presence felt in the City of Angels, a new menace begins to make his mark on L.A. But who is the murderer named "Slaughterhouse Smith," and what will his cross-country killing spree mean to the Wildcats?

The grisly answer to these and other questions begins to become clear in "Serial Boxes," a 6-issue story arc beginning in WILDCATS Volume 2 #14. Young, sadistic and super-powered, the serial killer known as Slaughterhouse Smith is the 'Cats' most terrifying adversary yet, with a connection to the team that stretches across two generations. Written by Joe Casey with art by Sean Phillips and covers by J.G. Jones, "Serial Boxes" takes the team into dark, edgy territory, with Smith's brutal exploits having an effect on just about every cast member featured in the book so far: Spartan, Ladytron, Noir, and Void in Los Angeles, Voodoo and Maul in Miami, and Grifter in New York City . Casey and Phillips have spent months setting the stage; now the curtain is going up for the deadliest WILDCATS tale ever told!

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