grifter78's WildCats #11 - Alamo review

Assault on Halo Tower!

(No Spoilers)

After how intense last month’s #10 was, I was a little underwhelmed by this issue.  And I can’t exactly put my figure on why.  Ladytron’s defense of did have a cool surprise but as awesome as the moment was, it seemed futile by the outcome (which I guess is the point if you look at next month’s #12 cover).  And the decision Nemesis made was not hard to see coming.  I will admit that her final part in the events was a bit of a shock but it’s hard to get wrapped up in the moment knowing the pattern most comics follow with this kind of situation (man this is hard to discuss without spoiling anything!). 

One thing that really surprised me was Neil Googe’s art.  It’s funny, but I get the feeling he’s getting tired of drawing Wildcats.  Especially Nemesis.  I’m not an artist myself but I hang around with them all the time so they’ve taught me how to look at artwork and see where the artist took shortcuts.  The upside though, is there are several “money-shots” in this issue that Googe obviously spent more time on. 

Overall it was a good issue, but not a great issue.  There’s lots of setup which Gage has usually done a good job during his Wildcats run of paying off the following issue.

“Life and Deathblow” backup story.  It’s no spoiler (since the solicitation says it) that Deathblow died at the end of Deathblow Volume 2.  It’s also no spoiler that he’s been in the pages of Stormwatch P.H.D. since World’s End began.  Well, here we finally get to see why.  And it was almost one of those “of course that’s why he’s not dead!” moments.  It’s kind of like the explanation has been staring us all in the face and we just didn’t realize it (or want to realize it?).  But apparently there’s more to know about his story because we’ve still got part 2 coming in The Authority #11.


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