c_striker's WildCats #11 - Alamo review

Wildcats #11: From My Heart, I Stab at Thee!

The issue opens up with ‘Cats are now under attack on two fronts, Ladytron having a ball in the Halo Building reliving her ‘Die Hard’ fantasy, while the bulk of the ‘Cats are fighting to escapes Majestic’s Hawaiian kingdom. Nemesis makes the ultimate sacrifice by plunging her blades into the one man she loved for countless centuries. Lord Defile makes his way to the Halo building power source with plans to use it to rule the Deamonite Empire.

Gage does a fantastic job balancing the two paralleling stories lines between the siege of Halo and the ‘Cats great escape. Gage continues to write Ladytron in a way that I enjoy for the first time ever, which is no easy task.

The art chores are still handled the skilled Googe, while there were some panels that looked a bit rushed, over all he has don’t a superb job with these characters and makes Gage’s scripts see to leap off the page with each panel. It makes me sad that issue #12 will be his last issue on this title.


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