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During the years while Ben Reilly was in exile on the road, he apparently did some superheroing of his own. During that time, he apparently came across, defeated, and put the villain known as Wild Whip away at the Ravencroft Institute.  
Years later, when Judas Traveller took over the asylum in a grand experiement, he released all of the inmates, including Wild Whip. While Reilly and the original Spider-Man were trying to take down the inmates, Traveller, and his Host before any further harm could be done, they came across Wild Whip. Reilly instantly remembered his old foe, thus revealing to Spider-Man that Reilly did indeed act the part of hero when the situation called for it. 
While Wild Whip didn't seemingly recognize Reilly in his Spider-Man mask and street clothes, he did recognize his and Spider-Man's moves to be just like the masked man who put him away years ago (In reality it was Reilly), thus fueling hatred for them. 
Reilly soundly defeated his old foe again, leaving him unconscious and eventually returned to his cell.

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