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Origin & Early Years

In the fictional world of Tiger & Bunny, the world is inhabited by two types of people: normal people and Next. Next are individuals with innate superpowers. Like most Next, Kotetsu activated his power early in his youth. At the age of 10 Kotetsu was witness of a bank heist, the robbers were being apprehended by Sternbild's greatest hero: Mr. Legend. During the robbery one of the robbers took Kotetsu hostage, but Kotetsu activated his powers and beat the robber. This caught the attention of Mr. Legend who told him that his powers weren't something bad, but could be used for the good of mankind. Kotetsu was inspired by Mr. Legend to become a superhero later in life.

During his high school years Kotetsu was quite the fighter and was known for never losing a fight. This caught the attention of gangleader Antonio Lopez (who would later become Wild Tiger's best friend and superhero Rock Bison). It was also during this time that Tiger met his future wife Tomoe.Tomoe was class representative and as such started to talk to Kotetsu about his future. She asked what Kotetsu wanted to be when he grew up. After some persisting Kotetsu eventually gave in and told her he wanted to become a hero. Kotetsu expected her to make fun of him, but she reacted quite enthusiastically. Kotetsu told her he had trouble making up his mind about which name to pick, he was leaning more towards Wild Lion. Their meeting was cut short by a challenge from Antonio. Kotetsu had to meet up with him and fight to determine who was stronger, both fought until a standstill. During the fight it was revealed that Antonio´s men had kidnapped Tomoe and were using her as a failsafe in case Antonio would lose. Antonio was angered by his men and together with Kotetsu tried to find Tomoe. The warehouse where she was kept caught fire and both Kotetsu and Antonio hurried to save her. After Kotetsu managed to save Tomoe with his powers, Antonio asked why Kotetsu didn´t use his power during their fight. Kotetsu responded that his powers were only be used for protecting people. This inspired Antonio to also pursue a career as a hero. After that Tomoe said that Tiger suited him better, because in the wild Lions hunt in packs but Tiger work alone. If they were to ever encount one another the tiger would win.

Early Career and Teamup

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