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First Apperance

Rose sneaks into Frank Castles warehouse trying to figure out who he was, she worked for a group of Israli Agents called Mossad. After Frank had attempted to stop a group of a terrorists from acquiring plutonium she was curious to who he was and what his angle on the matter was. Upon finding that he was legit in wanting to stop the terrorists she helps him with information on the terrorists. 
Once they are able to figure out who the terrorists are and what they used to do they figure that their target might be Liberty Hall, finding nothing at the Hall both Rose and Frank return to the man who had given Frank some information the night before. Upon a few punches he was very willing to give all the information he had which was very little, but it was enough. Once the informant told Frank an Rose about what the Mountain did for a living prior to becoming a terrorist they knew where the terrorists were going to attack...the Theater. 
As they arrived they were ambushed by Yasir himself, he rained down a hail of gunfire which both Rose an Frank avoided. As they approached Yasir Rose took off after Ahmad himself before he could drop the plutonium leaving Frank for himself. As Frank finished off Yasir he heard Rose's screams for help. Cornered Frank was forced to drop all his weapons and climb onto the boom crane. Using his knife he hid he stopped the crane from working which gave Ahmad the chance to turn his back on Rose who took her own weapon an shot him in the back. In fury Amhad lifted Rose up over his head an tossed her from the building where she fell to her apparent death.

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