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   Wild Card first appears in Spectacular Spider-Girl #11 making a bid to add his services to the on-going gang war.  He attacks several of the Black Tarantula's hench men as a means of proving his useful skills that are for hire.  By-stander Man Mountain Marko attempts to recruit Wild Card to Don "Silverback" Silvio's side of the gang war.  Marko tasks Wild Card with taking out Spider-Girl as means of proving his loyalty.  
Wild Card encounters Spider-Girl along the New York rooftops and attacks her with his array of gadget cards.  During the encounter Wild Card reveals he has intimate knowledge about Spider-Girl's polarized mask lenses and her spider-sense. 
  Wild Card defeats Spider-Girl by use of a specially designed gadget card that attacks her spider-sense and immobilizes her. Wild Card leaves Spider-Girl claiming to be a professional who doesn't kill for free. It was later revealed during the second battle with Spider-Girl, that Wild Card was in fact her father, Peter who used the identity with the help of Normie Osborn to keep Spider-Girl out of the gang war and allow Peter to stop it from the inside. However, May destroyed most of the costume after their second battle.

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