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Sarah Rainmaker

Sarah Rainmaker was born on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona to an Apache mother named Rebecca Rainmaker and a Caucasian father named Stephen Callahan. Hints of Sarah's weather-controlling abilities first appeared while she was growing up on the reservation, and she became fully Gen-active upon reaching adolescence. This brought her to the attention of Ivana Baiul and the Keepers of I.O., who wanted to bring her to Sci-Tech for testing. But when they came to collect Sarah she fled into the desert and hid for three days before being discovered by Ripclaw, another Native American with superhuman powers.

Ripclaw was a friend of Sarah's family and had been sent by them to ensure her safety, but unfortunately he had been followed by the Keepers. The superhuman agency Stormwatch was also notified that a young girl in the desert had manifested powers, and tried to ensure that she would be safely returned to her family by sending an agent of their own named Battalion. With Battalion's help, Ripclaw was able to defeat the Keepers, but their victory was bittersweet. Waiting for Sarah upon her return home were the I.O. officials who had sought her in the first place. She was captured and brought to Project: Genesis, where she met four other Gen-actives who would become her future teammates: Caitlin Fairchild, Bobby Lane (Burnout), Eddy Chang (Grunge), and Roxy Spaulding (Freefall). With the help of then- I.O. Director John Lynch, who decided to turn against his bosses, Rainmaker and the others managed to escape.


Rainmaker was created in 1994 by writers Jim Lee and Brandon Choi and artist J. Scott Campbell when they created the young superhero team known as Gen 13. Rainmaker's sexual orientation was considered controversial at the time and differentiated her from the usual comic book superheroine.

Major Story Arcs

Gen 13

Rainmaker and her teammates became the team of young superheroes known as Gen 13, and successfully managed to outmaneuver Ivana Baiul and the rest of the I.O. who continued to pursue them. Lynch provided them with costumes and combat training, and suggested that they adopt superhero code names. Because Sarah's powers of weather control already worked so well with her surname Rainmaker, she chose to simply go by her surname rather than invent a code name. Lynch also provided Sarah with high-tech gauntlets that augmented the power of the lightning bolts that she generated.

The Gen 13 teammates all became close friends, but there were moments of friction as the rest of the team tried to adjust to Rainmaker's sexual orientation. She eventually revealed herself to be bisexual, though she was mainly depicted as preferring women to men. The greatest object of Sarah's attraction was her own teammate, Caitlin Fairchild, who for some time had no idea that Sarah harbored a crush on her. This led to awkward moments where Caitlin would innocently undress in front of a staring Sarah. When Sarah finally got up the courage to make advances, a flustered Caitlin rejected her since she did not share the same orientation. Their friendship recovered afterward, but Sarah still grew jealous whenever Caitlin became involved with a man.

Though Sarah was not really interested in her other female teammate Roxy (Freefall), she once accidentally flirted with Roxy and was met with a surprised rejection. Most affected was Sarah's male friend and teammate, Bobby Lane (Burnout), who developed a major crush on Sarah. She sensed Bobby's attraction and once casually made out with him when they were both drunk, but then had to explain afterward that she was not actually interested in him, which for a while increased the tension between the two. Sarah had no interest in her other male teammate, Grunge, but tension was generated whenever her ardent feminism clashed with his misogynistic attitude towards women.

At one point, Rainmaker, Fairchild and Freefall were kidnapped by a man trapped in a young boy's body, who wished to gain a girlfriend from one of the members of the team. The trio was rescued by their male teammates just in time.

Sarah took the role of peacemaker in the group whenever tensions arose, though not always successfully. Grunge, discouraged by another foolhardy decision, was convinced by Sarah to take a mind-clearing trip to the desert (where he found and fought a trickster spirit and ultimately had to be rescued by the team).

Sarah's environmentalist concerns got her into trouble during the brief period when the group tried to attend college. Her new college friends and Grunge's fun-loving new group wound up in conflict, resulting in the release of a cybernetic gorilla on the school campus. Sarah and her friends were later sent to fight a replicating menace in an evacuated American city. This proved to be a very traumatic experience for the entire team, as the results of the fight were not what they expected.

The team's beach house and robotic maid were eventually destroyed by I.O. forces. Later, the team came into conflict with DV8: super-powered teens who were part of the same project that had granted Gen13 their powers. Sarah again tried to make peace instead of battle. Eventually the members of the teams came to respect each other. Sarah also discovered that two members of DV8, Threshold and Bliss, were her half-brother and half-sister, since they all shared the same father (Stephen Callahan).


  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • In the Gen13 Zine published by Wildstorm, it was stated that Rainmaker has the same measurements as real-life supermodel Stephanie Seymour.


  • Citizenship: American
  • Place of Birth: San Carlos, Arizona
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: Stephen Callahan (father), Rebecca Rainmaker (mother), Matthew Callahan (Threshold of DV8, half-brother), Nicole Callahan (Bliss of DV8, half-sister), John Two-Raven (uncle)

Powers and Abilities

Sarah Rainmaker has the psionic ability to control the weather, summoning wind and rain with her thoughts. She is capable of flight by riding wind currents and is even able to use her elemental powers to control water. In combat she has the ability to fire bolts of lightning from her hands, the power of which is enhanced by the high-tech gauntlets she wears.

Sarah is highly athletic and keeps herself in top physical condition. She has received a good deal of combat training, first as a child and later with John Lynch and Gen 13, and is a formidable hand-to-hand fighter even when not using any powers. Sarah also has a natural aptitude for battle tactics.

Other Media

In the1999, Gen 13 animated movie produced by Buena Vista Pictures (a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company), Rainmaker only had a cameo in the film, appearing briefly during an athletics event. Because Rainmaker's sexual orientation was considered controversial at the time, it is likely that Disney chose to minimize her role in the film despite her status as a full member of the team in the comics.

During the film's production, Gen 13's publisher, Wildstorm, was bought by DC Comics, a subsidiary of Time Warner. Disney decided to shelve the film rather than promote a property that had been acquired by a rival studio. It was never released in America and only saw a limited video release overseas.