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Character - Lady Tiger Fist EDIT  
Leviathan's Japanese contact. Fond of tigersA woman with robotic tiger heads for hands. She is an enemy of the Batman of Japan, and an agent of Leviathan.

Lady Tiger Fist is a villain of Batman Japan, and an agent of the Japanese branch of Leviathan.

While her involvement in events is somewhat unclear, she controlled a group of motorcyclists who had been enhanced and deformed by nanotechnology. They inadvertently led Batman Japan and Shy Crazy Lolita Canary to Lady Tiger Fist's secret lair (which appears to be protected by Boom Tube technology, or something similar).

Lady Tiger Fist attempted to bit them with her robot tiger hands, and seemingly crushed Shy Crazy Lolita Canary underfoot. However, it was all a ploy by the two heroes; she was actually trapped in the Internet 3.0.

At this point Lady Tiger fist expresses her regret at her inability to text with tiger hands. And voice recognition software doesn't recognize her accent!