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Khonshu is the Egyptian god of vengeance and the Moon. His avatar on earth is the costumed crime fighter called Moon Knight. Some argue that he does not exist, a figment of Marc's imagination. This has been proven wrong multiple times.

God of the Moon

Khonshu has forever been the Egyptian Lunar God. The crescent pool outside of his temple further defines his power of the moon. Khonshu's name reflects the moons tendency to wander the night sky, as Chons (Khonshu's name in Egyptian) means to wander.

His lunar power is said to protect, heal and avenge.

Connection to Moon Knight

During a raid on an Egyptian dig, Marc Spector's mercenary group attack the scientists analyzing artifacts one of which being a statue of Khonshu. Raoul Bushman, the African mercenary Spector was working for, kills the lead researcher when he refuses to hand over the artifacts. Spector, outraged by this action, challenges Bushman to hand-to-hand combat and is beat nearly to death and left for dead at the temple.

Wandering Egyptians belonging to a cult of Khonshu worshippers found Spector and brought his nearly lifeless body to the temple of Khonshu and laid him at the feet of his statue. Helpless and beaten, Spector dies laying at the statue's feet. At that moment Khonshu appears to Spector in a vision, offering him the chance for a second life if he were to act as Khonshu's spirit of vengeance on the Earth.

Spector agrees and immediately awakens. Dragging the silver cloak that once shrouded the statue of Khonshu down and wrapping himself in it, Spector returns to face Bushman once again and defeats him quickly in combat.

In some comics, Khonshu is a tormentor of Marc Spector. Always telling Marc how pathetic he is, always making him beg for the power to be a hero. Khonshu is constantly reminding Marc that he owes his life to him. In Charlie Huston's run on Moon Knight, Khonshu almost always takes the form of Bushman; in reminder to Marc that Khonshu is the reason he was able to take vengeance on his old partner. In Vengeance of the Moon Knight, Khonshu took the form of a man with the head of a bird.

Divine Justice

During the Fist of Khonshu mini-series Khonshu himself possesses the body of Marc Spector which grants Moon Knight with superhuman strength and agility. It is argued that Khonshu has always possessed a piece of Spector's psyche but this mini-series is the first time it has openly happened.

Civil War

Khonshu appears before Marc Spector's psychiatrist and reveals the psychiatrist's own mental shortcomings not only convincing the analyst to approve Spector's registration application, but to begin worshiping Khonshu as a god.

The Death of Marc Spector and Dark Reign

After escaping the Thunderbolts, Marc decided to shift his identity over to the Jake Lockley persona. In this persona he decided to become a better crimefighter, and ignore Khonshu's cries for blood.

When Bushman was resurrected, Khonshu demanded that Jake take his face a second time, but Jake resisted.

Jake continued to struggle with Khonshu's demands.


Khonshu told Jake of the weapon that could slay The Beast that possessed Daredevil. Jake managed to get it, but had to use it to kill his brother, Shadowknight, or he would have used a suicide bomb to kill a crowd.

After killing his brother, Jake Lockley reverted to Marc Spector.

Moon Knight in LA

Khonshu is absent. In his place are Wolverine, Captain America, and Spider-man. Annoying Marc with their roles as talking headsTrying to change his tactics as a vigilante, pulling him in different directions, and contributing to his war on Count Nefaria.

Whether this is a form of Khonshu tormenting him or not has yet to be revealed.