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Issue - Gods and Monster, Part 1 EDIT  
June 2013June 2013

Banner takes his lab team to Jotunheim!

Hulk vs. Frost Giants!

Guest-starring Thor!

Banner and his assistants are Are working on creating a portal to Jotunheim, and while the others are busy with work, banner contemplates about his coworkers. There is a reason Banner had selected these helpers, each of them is hiding a very important secret , but banner was least suspicious of Patty, but even with her there are sings, suggesting that she is concealing something, considering the fact that patty was trying to make banner hulk out. Banner himself and three of his assistants enter the portal which they open, all with high tech armor , and one of them his left to operate the portal inteslf. Banners mission is to Locate EIDERDUM, a source of liquid that can only exist at sub zero temperature. The Opening of the portal forces thor to see what had happened, since mjolnir had picked up some strange energy signature. Thor warns the MORTALS about the dangers of Frost giants, and banner is surprised that he is not able to recognize him.

As they are exchanging words, frost giants storm in and attack them, and while thor fights them, banner is frozen before he could assist his ally. Thor advises Banners team to take cover and run as he is attacked from the back, which forces him to drop his hammer. Hulk then comes out, angrier than ever. He Tears through the frost giants and sees mjolnir laying around , he tries to pick it up, and though it was difficult at first, he raises The hammer and yells " HULK WORTHY!"