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"Adjectiveless" X-Men Volume 32

Following Victor Gischler's departure from the title, Brian Wood has stepped in as of #30 with a few roster changes. This follows Storm's Security Recon team on the bleeding edge of the conflict between humans and mutants alike. The series lasted until issue 41 after witch it was revamped as X-Men Vol 3. also written by Brian Wood.

Collected Editions

  • X-Men: Curse Of The Mutants (#1-6)
  • X-Men: With Great Power (#7-10)
  • X-Men: First To Last (#12-15)
  • X-Men: FF (#15.1, 16-19)
  • X-Men: War Machines (#20-24)
  • X-Men: Blank Generation (#30-35)
  • X-Men: Reckless Abandonment (#36-41)