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Movies based on comic book material have generally not been well recognized at the awards, though as there has been more of a focus on the high quality in superhero movies there have been increasingly more recognition for these movies.

1978SupermanBest Film EditingNominated
1978SupermanBest Music (Original Score)Nominated
1978SupermanBest Sound MixingNominated
1978SupermanSpecial Achievement (Visual Effects)Won
1989BatmanBest Art DirectionWon
1990Dick TracyBest Art DirectionWon
1990Dick TracyBest Original SongWon
1990Dick TracyBest MakeupWon
1990Dick TracyBest Supporting ActorNominated
1990Dick TracyBest CinematographyNominated
1990Dick TracyCostume DesignNominated
1990Dick TracySound MixingNominated
1992Batman ReturnsBest Visual EffectsNominated
1992Batman ReturnsBest MakeupNominated
1995Batman ForeverCinematographyNominated
1995Batman ForeverSoundNominated
1995Batman ForeverSound EditingNominated
1997Men in BlackBest MakeupWon
1997Men in BlackBest Original Musical or Comedy ScoreNominated
1997Men in BlackBest Art DirectionNominated
2002Spider-ManBest Sound MixingNominated
2002Spider-ManBest Visual EffectsNominated
2004Spider-Man 2Best Visual EffectsWon
2004Spider-Man 2Best Sound EditingNominated
2004Spider-Man 2Best Sound MixingNominated
2005Batman BeginsBest CinematographyNominated
2006Superman ReturnsBest Visual EffectsNominated
2008The Dark KnightBest Supporting ActorWon
2008The Dark KnightBest Art DirectionWon
2008The Dark KnightBest CinematographyNominated
2008The Dark KnightBest Film EditingNominated
2008The Dark KnightBest MakeupNominated
2008The Dark KnightBest Sound EditingNominated
2008The Dark KnightBest Sound MixingNominated
2008The Dark KnightBest Visual EffectsNominated
2008Iron ManBest Visual EffectsNominated
2008Iron ManBest Sound EditingNominated
2010Iron Man 2Best Visual EffectsNominated


2012 Dark Knight Rises

2013 Buddy Baker Actor\ Animal Man

The Avengers

Buddy Baker\Animal Man

Best Visual Effects

Best Actor and Visual Effects

Best Supporting Actor\Superhero Actor and Visual Effects