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Mat Elfring currently lives in the Chicago suburbs tutoring at a community college in the English department. He also teaches screenwriting and comic book formatting with artist Matt Jordan. Although he mostly writes and produces short films, most of his time is spent writing comics. He has an obsession with American folklore and film, and a lot of it filters into his work.

He 's the writer of the on-going series, Gorgator (due out never) and wrote Bunch of Capes, Comic Vine's first exclusive online comic. Currently, he has a story in the anthology DEATH, INC called "Jeremiah" which should be released by 2013, should be back on store shelves since we survived the apocalypse that was supposed to have happened in 2012!!! Mat has exclusively revealed that he will put as much blood, sweat, money, chocolate and tears as inhumanly possible to finish this book for all the Viners to readAugust of 2013 with artist Sean Luke.