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Sunset Grace is a mutant who meet meets Jean and Scott when Nick Fury told asks them to investigate a dimensional rift that has token over the sky of a town called ST St. Barts.

Brief History

Walking down a path Cyclops and Jean meet up with the mutant that is causing a dimensional rift; her name is Sunset Grace. After requesting a meeting with her, she opens up to them about her past and her powers. She informs them of how her dimensional rifts were, at one time, a place of solitude for her but now they are a place of distress. She goes on to say that she has been in search for her family that disappeared into the portal years ago and just now has learned how to use her powers again to find them.

Jean knows the truth but is able to bring her family to her. After their arrival, Grace is overcome by joy and she makes everything that she almost destroyed safe once more by shutting down her rift. Luckily for the Summers, she sends them back through the rift before shutting herself in it.