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A guidance counselor at Morning Glory Academy. A possible ally to Casey.


Lara Hodge is the daughter of the headmaster, and even at a young age she had a rivalry with her sister Georgina Daramount over who their father loved more. Lara possessed an ability that her sister did not, and that was the ability to see information about other people on blank paper. One night she proves her "love" to her father by killing a girl named: Vanessa. Despite proving her love though, Georgina is still made leader of the academy, and Hodges swears that she will make the students believe that she is on their side, so she can "teach" the students better than her sister.

Major Story Arcs

After a leave of absence at Morning Glory Academy, Miss Hodge returns, and is shown to be well liked by the student body. She's the first adult in the school to express sorrow and dismay at the death of the students, and began introducing herself to the new students right away. She manages to take Casey back in time, and returns to the Academy in the exact same way she did when she first appeared in the series.

Powers and Abilities

Ms. Hodge has the ability to look at blank pieces of paper, and can see information about any individual she wishes to observe. She also has the ability to command others with a sort of mind control, getting them to do whatever she wishes.