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Gemworld, also known as Faerie, is one of two otherdemensional other dimensional homelands for the Faerie.

The dimension where Gemworld is located was originally owned by the Lords of Chaos. However, thousand of years ago, when magic began to to drop in its levels on Earth due to a change in the alignment of the stars (caused by a star going nova) the Homo magi sorceress Citrina went there and struck a deal with the Lords of Chaos, so she would be allowed to create a realm there for those Homo Magi and Faeire who wanted to emigrate from Earth. This deal was kept secret from most of Gemworld's inhabitants. The Gemworld proper was at first as a continent that floats in the sky, with a 'Sun' that orbited around it, obviously reflecting ancient beliefs of Earth being flat, but was eventually reconned into an actual planet. It contains a variety of terrains, and it was settled by culture from all around the world.

Gemworld is one of many magical dimensions connected to Sorcerer's World.


Time moves at a different rate in Gemworld; a Gemworlder raised on Earth will changed into a older form if brought back after several years, only to change back to normal if returned to Earth. The reverse is also true - a human raised on Gemworld will de-age on Earth.


The level of technology is medieval, and it is divided into Twelve Royal Houses, each represented by a type of birthstone; the House takes turns ruling Gemworld. All of Gemworld's Homo-Magi inhabitants can use magic, though most only at a very pedestrian level (for example, fisherman use spells to help them fish). Aside from the Homo Magi, Gemworld is the home to all the traditional Faerie races. Each realm contains a vein of the appropriate birthstone, and its fragments are minded to make their Royal Family's jewelery. These jewels increase their magic powers enormously, particulary on their home ground.

The Twelve Royal Houses

  • Amethyst - The House of Amethyst is the most powerful house and, until Amy's return to Gemworld, it remained without a leader. As Amy returned, it set matter into motion that would change Gemworld forever.
  • Topaz - Initially, Prince Topaz was Amethyst's love interest and staunch supporter. As time progressed and the series took a dramatic change, Amy abandoned all hopes for her relationship and allowed him to comfort in the arms of Turquoise. After the death of Lord Topaz, his daugther Princess Topaz took his place.
  • Emerald - The House of Emerald is ruled by Lady Emerald, the Mistress of Green Magic. She later becomes the entity known as Fire Jade. Lady Emerald had 3 children, 3 princess.
  • Moonstone - House Moonstone is allied with House Amethyst, Lord Moonstone is quick tempered. He rules with her wife, Lady Moonstone.
  • Sapphire - The House of Sapphire was allied with House Opal, die to the carnal desires of Lady Sapphire.
  • Diamond- Called the Diamong temple or the Diamond Sanctuary, its the home of the Diamond Priests.
  • Ruby - The Ruby Kingdom (or Ruby Ruins) lies to the north of Ruby Lake. It's northern end has long been claimed by the Sardonyx Empire, which habitually launches incursions across their disputed border.
  • Opal - The House of Opal, is ruled by the dictator Dark Opal. His son, Carnelian, was born on Earth and has no magical aptitude.
  • Garnet - The Stormy Peaks was a loyal ally to House Amethyst. Lord Garnet also has a son whom went missing when he attempted to rescue Queen Emerald inside of Pandora's Box.
  • Sardonyx - The House of Sardonyx is allied with House Opal; Lord and Lady Sardonyx later transfer their loyalty to Fire Jade.
  • Turquoise - The Castle Turquoise is ruled by a wild warrior woman named Lady Turquoise.
  • Aquamarine - The Islands of Aquamarine is ruled by Lord Aquamarine and her wife, Lady Aquamarine. This Lord is a vile, self-serving and ambitious man.
  • Onyx- This kingdom was once ruled by Kaala. The war of The Eclipse saw the combined kingdoms of Onyx and Diamond come together through a blood marriage. The protocols were placed on The House of Onyx after The War of The Eclipse. The first protocol strictly forbids the House of Onyx from marrying anyone with blood power. The second protocol forbids The House of Onyx to assassinate anyone of high blood in the five cardinal sins in exchange for a regular "tribute" payment. The House of Onyx neutralizes other blood powers.

The New 52

In the New 52 Gemworld is called Nilaa and is largely the same as before. It can be assumed that the 12 main houses are still the same; four were confirmed and seen, Amethyst, Diamond, Turquoise, and Onyx and Emerald was talked about. There is also the addition of minor houses that pledge loyalty to major houses, such as Citrine pledging to Amethyst; and clans, one called the Ghaggra is seen as well. There is also an unnamed house that is talked about as well.

The inhabitants of Nilaa originally came from Earth thousands of years ago and call it First World. Since the two worlds are located in different dimensions, travel between the two is nearly impossible and takes a massive amount of energy to charge a crystal.

There is magic in this world that cannot be used by everyone but it common enough among the main houses that it is mundane to most people. It is also channeled through gemstones that represent the blood powers of a house

Blood Power

Members of both major and minor houses have a blood power, which is basically magic when used on Earth. Blood powers can be combined when two houses marry and have children but one will be more dominant over the other. Each blood power is specific to a house but is not limited to one action necessarily.

Flora and Fauna

  • · Vyala
    • o A species bred with magic to be used as mounts (like a flying lion-bird ridden like a horse)