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After the events of Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne and Bruce Wayne: The Road Home, Bruce felt that even as good as he was, he hardly ever fought crime alone. Armed with this he decide to expanded his operation. After this realization, Bruce Wayne came out publicly and revealed he would be funding Batman and his gadgets. Batman then became worldwide, starting Batman Incorporated.

Calling All Batmans

Bruce decided he would have to find the best of the best, that he could trust without question and began a worldwide recruitment drive. During his time off, Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne remained as Gotham's Batman and Robin. It was not long before many other like-minded heroes, from Batman's past, united under his brand. Tim Drake, as Red Robin, pushed on this drive, and he convinced Cassandra Cain, the former third Batgirl to join. Tim gave her a new suit one that carried Bat-shield with pride. After this, Cassandra decide to become a new hero all her own and took on the name Blackbat. Other heroes continued to be inducted and grow Batman Inc.

Collected Editions

  • Batman Incorporated
  • Batman Incorporated Deluxe Edition
  • Batman Incorporated: Demon Star