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Annabelle Lagravenese at one point in her life was a prostitute, but the emergence of a superhero calling himself: The Armored Saint, caused her to seek out a more thrilling lifestyle. She made a costume and created the alias Shadow Lynx. She participated in a life of crime for the sole purpose of drawing out the Armored Saint because she found the chase between herself and the Saint to be not only thrilling, but arousing as well.

Character Creation

Annabelle Lagravenese was created by Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski. She is a sort of love interest for the primary protagonist of SEX: Simon Cooke.

Major Story Arcs

Annabelle runs a brothel located in Saturn City, and one day happens upon Simon Cooke who was formerly known as the Armored Saint, but has now retired from superheroics. She escorts him from the building after his attempt to participate in prostitution goes awry, and engages him in a sort of philosophical discussion as she escorts him from the building. She has feelings for the Armored Saint as revealed when she masturbates to the memory of a rooftop chase between the Armored Saint and herself