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Bebop was just a regular human thug in a New York street gang. He sported a purple mohawk and shades. Soon, Bebop and the rest of the crew were hired by the evil ninja named Shredder. Shredder used Bebop and the gang to fight the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but the lackies were defeated. Shredder used mutagen to transform Bebop into a stronger version of himself. Bebop then assumed the form of a humanoid warthog.

Bebop alongside Rocksteady served as members of the Foot Clan loyal to Shredder and Krang, but after the events of "Final Conflict" both mutants were transported to a primitive world where they lived among the animals and decided that violence was not in their nature after all, they dedicated themselves to the wild and upon a short return to Earth they "liberated" the animals from a New York city Zoo, and while holding the TMNT at gunpoint, took Krang and Bellybomb on their spaceship, but not with the intent of rescueing the alien warlords, but rather on the way back to their newfound home, Bebop and Rocksteady returned Krang and Bellybomb to their prison on dump world. 


Bebop like Rocksteady is a master with heavy weapons, he though seems to prefer machine guns or smgs. He is a brawler who seems to know some boxing but not much. He seems to be the more accurate one of the two with guns, this is shown by him using a sniper.


Bebop is a little more scared of Shredder than Rocksteady but like Rocksteady seems to think their on friendly terms. He likes working for the foot clan, and hates the Turtles with a passion. He and Rocksteady are best friends and always enjoy eachothers company.