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Issue - National Maul EDIT  

The epic finale of DEAD PRESIDENTS!

Not everyone gets out alive!

I mean, besides the Presidents, duh.


Deadpool wakes up to Michael the Necromancer. He is told that Agent Preston died and that George Washington's army is wreaking havoc at the Nation's capitol. Michael points out a magical sphere in which Washington and two other president's have holed up while the undead armies fight the Washington, D.C. police. As Deadpool ponders his next move, Taft and the head of Abraham Lincold attack. Agent Adsit comes to the rescue, however, and dispatches the motley duo. Adsit tells Deadpool that the Avengers are on the way but that Washington, D.C. may not last that long.

Deadpool approaches the magic sphere and slowly begins to enter it. Seeing no ill effects from putting his hand through the pink shell, Deadpool fully commits and waltzes through. Upon reaching the other side, however, he falls over dead in a pile of formerly unsuccessful SHIELD agents. He wakes up in a bright place and is greeted by someone who loves him. He isn't able to get her name before she helps him come back to life to confront George Washington inside his magical sphere.

Washington can't believe that Deadpool survives and blames it on Deadpool already being dead inside. Seeing the need for more power, Washington uses some magic to suck the energy out of his two allies (Dwight D. Eisenhower and Rutherford B. Hayes). Deadpool first re-acquires his mystical sword via a grappling hook. He then cuts off one of Washington's arms and then stabs the mystical book Washington had stolen from Michael the Necromancer. Washington then loses another arm and then both his legs. Finally, as payback for killing Agent Preston, Deadpool rips off George Washington's head with his bare hands. The spells enchanting the undead seem to break and Deadpool notices that he is holding the lucid head of the first president, who thanks him for ending the nightmare. Regardless of the praise he receives, Deadpool kicks Washington's head into the lap of the Lincoln Monument.

Doctor Strange appears while Deadpool tries to shake off a headache to remind him of an appointment. The Doctor then vanishes.

Agent Gorman then arrives and begins blaming Deadpool for the mistakes of the past few days. Deadpool is fed up with Gorman's hypocrisy and rips off part of his mustache. Before Gorman can get a threat out, however, the Avengers show up and congratulate Deadpool on how he handled such a rough situation. Gorman refuses to pay Deadpool and has to be dragged away by Agent Adsit before things get too dicey.

With the action all over, Deadpool wants to simply take a huge break from superheroing. Michael the Necromancer has other plans, however, and wants to talk to Deadpool about something serious. Deadpool shrugs him off but then learns for himself what Michael wanted to tell him. Deadpool begins hearing Agent Preston's voice. Looking in the pool at the Washington Monument, Deadpool sees Agent Preston reflected back at him. Michael admits that in trying to save Preston that he had to put her somewhere - Deadpool just happened to have some space in his head.