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Tom Taylor is originally introduced as the "celebrity" son of Wilson Taylor, author of the hit Tommy Taylor novels. His childhood was seemingly composed of learning the origins of stories. Tom doesn't seem to be very enthused about this legacy, but he still goes to the TommyCon to sign people's copies of his father's works. But he doesn't seem very at home at the Con, however, what really troubles him is when a woman in the crowd, calling herself Lizzie Hexam accuses him of not actually being the son of the late Wilson Taylor. And that is where the true adventure begins.


Tom Taylor was created by Mike Carey and illustrated by Peter Gross. The Unwritten explores and honors the literary world. Carey and Gross' past works in the supernatural and mystery are evident. The weaving of magic and wonder into the world of Tom Taylor makes this a unique title.

Character Evolution

Tom Taylor begins the series as a reluctant hero. A young man that is a celebrity and is carrying the hurt of the abandonment by his father. Carey uses Tom's character as a vehicle to explore contemporary life and the rich past of great literature. The infusion of Tom's knowledge of literary geography ads additional depth to the series. Like many that are thrown into the hero's journey, he embraces his destiny and begins the tests and challenges of this new reality.