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Character - Jack The Ripper EDIT  

Current Events:

After kidnapping Petra, Binder frees Jack to fight and kill Luther Strode if necessary. After a brutal fight Luther is subdued by Jack.


Jack The Ripper was one of the "talented" killers through history. However, Jack was unable to control his urges to kill and thus he was hunted by the Binder, who caught and bound him. Much later he was released from his prison to stop and if necessary kill Luther with the promise that he will get to kill Petra if he succeeded. When Jack was finally able to stop Luther he admitted that now he can see why Binder needed his help to stop Luther. With Luther stopped Jack was free to kill Petra.

Jack started to play his game with Petra and when he was about to kill her an explosion happened that hurt the Binder greatlycaused by Mr. Duvall weakened Binder. Seeing his opportunity to be free, Jack kill the killed Binder and returned to Petra. However, knowing that the place will turn to ash, Luther will be free soon and there is a whole new world for him to know he leave and make his way to a mall while smilingBefore he could kill her however he realized that Luther would soon be free of his restraints and rather than waste his time Jack leaves. He is last seen entering a Mall with a smile on his face.

Powers and Abilities:

Jack Blitzing Luther

Superhuman Speed, Reflexes and Agility- Jack has proven himself to be significantly faster and more agile than Luther (Who himself has effortlessly moved faster than the eye can follow, speed blitzed multiple opponents and dodged Bullets). In his fight with Strode, Jack was able to easily evade and tag him for large portions of the battle. He was also able to use a rapid series of two fingered blows to finally defeat Luther at the end of the battle. Later Jack went on to show that he was fast enough to dodge a the whole clip of an M16 fired at him from nigh-point blank range and speed fast enough to kill Binder before he even knew Jack had moved.

Superhuman Healing Factor- Jack was able to heal from having his neck broken by Luther almost instantly.

Superhuman Durability- Jack has shown the ability to take massive blunt trauma attacks that would kill/seriously injure non-powered humans with little to no discomfort. He was able to tank being smashed into concrete with enough force to make a massive crater, and recovered quickly.

Superhuman Strength- While probably not as strong as Luther, Jack has shown strength outside normal human limits. He easily broke Luther's arm in two places, despite the Luther's high level of Durability.

Advanced Combat Skills- Jack has shown himself to be a accomplished fighter especially with bladed weapons such as knives. He commented on Luther's lack of Skill and finesse, and is arguably the most skilled fighter to appear in the series to date.