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Volume - Shadowland: Moon Knight EDIT  
Daredevil, the former defender of Hell’s Kitchen turned leader of the ninja death cult known as the Hand, has summoned the villainous Profile to take Moon Knight out of the picture for good. And to do it, the Profile enlists the aid of a mysterious figure, a second avatar of Khonshu! Has Khonshu finally decided to replace Moon Knight? And if so, what hope does Moon Knight have of saving Daredevil and himself from the darkness of Shadowland?

A Moon Knight three issue limited series tie-in to the Shadowland story arc.

At the request of Steve Rodgers, Moon Knight agrees to infiltrate Daredevil's Shadowland prison to uncover what exactly is happening behind the walls of the Hell's Kitchen stronghold. After committing a very public act of vandalism on his own taxi cab Moon Knight, in the guise of cabbie "Jake Lockley", is captured by a patrol of Hand ninja and thrown into the prison deep in the bowels of Shadowland.

While Moon Knight executes his plan, Daredevil has taken steps to neutralize the Knight by hiring Moon Knight's bitter enemy the Profile to remove the Knight from the playing field. In doing so, the Profile enlists a rival to the mantle of the "Fist of Khonshu" ; a madman with a close tie to Marc Spector and a willingness to provide the Egyptian God with the blood that Moon Knight has refused to shed in Khonshu's name. Taking the mantle of “Shadow Knight”, the new Fist of Khonshu will strike at the heart of all that his predecessor holds dear.

In order to stop the Shadow Knight and protect those he loves, Moon Knight may be forced to give in to his Avatar’s demands for blood.

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