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Reno BryceReno Bryce’s parents were killed by Daemonites when he was a child and he decided that he wanted revenge against them and started learning different martial arts to combat them. The Cyberdata group captured him, implanting a brainbox and made him into one of their drone assassins called S.H.O.C.'s. The S.H.O.C. Misery used her abilities to make him believe the two were lovers and soon did the same to the member Ripclaw. Later Warblade killed her after it was discovered she betrayed the team and almost died himself when Ripclaw attacked him thinking the same of Warblade

Not much is known about Warblade's origins. It can be assumed however, his is similar to many of the Ravagers that have been recruited by the 31st century villain named Harvest. Meaning he was most likely kidnapped in his youth, experimented on, tortured, and made to compete in one of Harvest's Culling events leading to his earned position as leader of Harvest's destructive team of teens, The Ravagers.

It is unconfirmed if Warblade shares the same hybrid Kherubim/Human DNA as his Pre-52 counterpart.


Warblade was co-created by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee. Making his debut in WildC.A.T.s: Covert Action Teams #1 - Resurrection Day, August 1992 under the Image and Wildstorm comics imprint. In 1999 Wildstorm was purchased by DC Comics, Wildstorm left Image and took all their characters with them including Warblade and the WildC.A.T.s. Following DC Comics New 52 reboot, Warblade made his New 52 debut on May 2, 2012 in the pages of Teen Titans Annual, written by Scott Lobdell and penciled by Brett Booth.

Character Evolution

Current Events

When Warblade and Rose go against Harvest's orders in Hartsville, Colorado, Harvest demands their immediate termination. Warblade and Rose survive Harvest's initial attempts, and decide the only way to get back into his good graces is to capture and deliver Fairchild and the runaway Ravagers. The two effortlessly compromise Niles Caulder's safe house in Los Angeles, however their mission goes awry when they find out Harvest has hired Rose's father, Deathstroke to retrieve the runaway Ravagers and terminate Warblade and Rose. When Fairchild branches off to save the Ravagers from the horror of the Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, Warblade and Rose follow close by but are intercepted by Deathstroke. Warblade takes it upon himself to finish Deathstroke. Warblade shouted for Rose to run before his off panel decapitation. Warblade is currently presumed dead.

Character Evolution

In DC's New 52, Warblade is an agent of an organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E. that monitors young Metahumans the world over. Warblade is assigned the task of leading Harvest's Ravagers and retrieving runaways. While appearing quiet monstrous, his Ravager form is only cosmetic and appears to be manifested from Warblade's powers. His faceplate is defined with a wicked grin, and green glowing eyes. It appears as though his eyes glow a brilliant jade green even when his faceplate slides back. While originally appearing merciless and sardonic, he is shown to at least care for one person just before his off panel death scene at the hands of Deathstroke, Rose Wilson.

Major Story Arcs

The Culling.

When the Teen Titans and Legion Lost are abducted into the Culling, they sabotage Harvest's event keeping everyone from killing each other. This act lead to Warblade leading his team of Ravagers to face off against both teams. Warblade himself faced off against Superboy, easily standing toe-to-toe. Ultimately the Colony was destroyed and Harvest's Phase 5 Ravager recruits escape the colony with Fairchild. Warblade gathers a retrieval squad to mercilessly hunt the escapees. Warblade and Rose successfully obtain Bright Eyes and Windshear, however when it comes to Fairchild and the runaways, they manage to just escape their grasp.

Ghosts of Future Present.

The newly inducted Ravagers, Windshear and Bright Eyes are intercepted by Fairchild and the runaway Ravagers to keep them from capturing a young 14 year-old metahuman girl, Lisa, with the power of precognition. After they fail to capture the child, its revealed Warblade and Rose have been watching the entire time. When they face off, while formidable they're ultimately defeated by an unleashed Terra. Terra becomes so consumed by her power she seeks to kill an unconscious Warblade, with an Earth spike through his chest. However, when Warblade survives he insultingly congratulates Terra on becoming an official Ravager. A momentary distraction allow both Warblade and Rose to escape the situation.

Pray that ye may be healed!

A Beta test Ravager by the name of Adam, escapes the Colony. Warblade and Rose follow him all the way to Hartsville, Colorado. They attempt to aid Adam, but his unstable physiology imploded, dispersing a virus throughout the whole town. Warblade and Rose then proceed to try and quarantine the town. However, before they can figure out how to eliminate the virus, Rose is infected and to make matters worse, fairchild and her band of Ravagers appear. After a momentary battle, they're encouraged to work together by the Sheriff of the town. Warblade is tasked with taking care of a locally infected inmate.

When Warblade faces off with the infected and empowered criminal, Reno obtains all the sampling he needs to make sense of Harvest's virus. After beheading the inmate, Warblade uses his findings to eliminate the Virus. Unfortunately the Sheriff is sacrificed in the process. Warblade himself can't understand why someone would sacrifice themselves for others.


Powers and Abilities

High Tensile Bio-Molecular Physilogy

His wings

Warblade's body is made up from an organic liquid metal that he can form and shape with his mind. Originally he limited his skills to forming bladed weapons with his hands. Warblade's simply focuses on a particular limb and rearranges it as a weapon. He had been shown to cover his whole body aside from his face in the metal. While he was on Khera he learned to make unique shapes and forms he had never done before. He built wings on his back, learned to make himself malleable to stretch his arms to reach long range targets as well as fire his limbs like darts, grow extra working limbs (both humanoid and insect-like) and more. He has apparently continued experimenting with his powers on his own since he's been able to control pieces of himself even after they've been separated from him.

His control over his body is so fine that he can sharpen his blades enough to cut on a microscopic (possibly molecular) level. He's said before that he can make his blades as sharp as he wants and it is believed that with time he can tear anything and has even been shown to rend Captain Atom’s metallic shell. His body is also impossible to pick up using any type of sensors or detection devices. Warblade does not seem to be limited to a set amount of mass. While staying at his normal size he has created huge blades on his arms and has also increased his mass to be a sword in the hand of a building-sized Maul. Due to his natural Kherubim form he is far more durable than any human. He may not be invulnerable or even bullet proof but his liquid metal form allows him to shape himself and even survive major damage and still keep on fighting. His body is such that even if he is destroyed, he can, with effort (depending on the extent of the damage) pull his individual atoms back together and reform. This was how he survived when Pike blew him up. He's an expert in martial arts, including Kenpo and Kung Fu due to years of practicing and training.

Alternate Universes

Other Versions

Image Comics / Valiant Comics

Warblade appeared in the Deathmate crossover.

Other Media


WildC.A.T.s (1994 TV Series)

In the 1994 TV series, Reno Bryce was a brilliant computer programmer until Daemonites discovered his true nature and tried to take him prisoner. Hoping to use him as a host body for the Daemite leader Helspont. Rescued by the WildC.A.T.sWarblade appeared in the cartoon show, Void activated Reno's powers and showed him that he was really a Crossbreed. He still resisted joining the WildC.A.T.s until Helspont put them at risk and he found himself compelled to fight on their behalf. Since joining the team he has had few regrets, although once in a while he wishes he still had time for more human pursuits.