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Ophis (the company behind J2) choose Gwen out of everyone to be the mother of the clone of 'Jesus Christ'. Gwen agrees to work for J2 in order to keep her parents from having to go through with the foreclosure of their house. Slate makes Gwen dye her hair and be given breast implants to be more 'American'.


Gwen was created by Punk Rock Jesus writer/artist Sean Murphy.

Major Story Arcs

Punk Rock Jesus

Gwen gives birth to the Jesus clone and decides to name the baby Chris. But after the birth

Whilst being forced to stay on the island Fairling becomes great friends with Sarah Epstein, and even a love interest to Thomas McKael.

However the stress of being constantly filmed slowly gets to her, and she becomes an alcoholic. After attempting to run away with Chris, she is forced out of the project to live on her own.

After an attempted suicide, she becomes deeply religious, believing that she had been saved by an angel. When she once again attempts to rescue Chris from his life on J2, she is killed when Slate has the door shut while she is jumping through it.