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Character - Thomas McKael EDIT  
An Ex-IRA terrorist, and current security specialist of Project J2, keeping the clone of Jesus Christ and project workers safe from attack.



Thomas was the son of two members of the IRA. During an attack on their house when he was a child, his father handed him a shotgun and told him to hide in the closet until the fight is over. Hearing footsteps outside the door, he fired, accidentally killing his parents. His uncle then takes him in, and trains him to fight for the IRA as well. Although he had no problems killing adults, he refused to hurt children. When an attack planned by the IRA lead to a school bus being in the line of fire, Thomas attempted to remove it from the scene. There was only one child fatality on the bus, and Thomas was arrested for his ties to the IRA.Years later, after


Thomas was created by Punk Rock Jesus writer/artist Sean Murphy.

Major Story Arcs

Punk Rock Jesus

After serving time in prison for murder, Thomas is recruited as head of security for the J2 project. During his time there, he worked to defend Chris from groups that would seek to attack him, and made an agreement with his mother (Gwen Fairling) to do so. After Chris leaves to compound to become the lead singer of a punk rock band, he followed as their chief of security.