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Issue - What if Spider-Man Had Kept His Cosmic Powers EDIT  

The uni-power is an enigma force that traverses the universe and endows individuals with the awesome power of Captain Universe in times of crisis. The host gains an instantaneous awareness of their new abilities and is able to use them to the fullest until the crisis is averted. With peace restored, the uni- power moves on in search of its next host. A scientific experiment altered the energy transfer when it tried to take possession of Spider-Man. All of the abilities with none of the awareness, Spidey found himself super-powered and avoiding the advances of Dr. Doom to steal that power. Only when confronting the Tri-Sentinel did Spidey become fully aware of what was going on. The uni- power craved the emotions and power it shared with Peter Parker, but resisted the urge to linger and departed and began to only seek out those of lesser physical and emotional development like children and animals to avoid future temptation. At least, in our world...