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On July 11th, acclaimed writer Duane Swierczynski and artists Manuel Garcia & Arturo Lozzi blaze a trail of destruction straight to the heart of the Valiant Universe when America's one-man war on terror embarks on his deadliest mission yet!

You are Bloodshot. You are the pinnacle of human technological achievement and the most dangerous weapon ever assembled. You've had countless missions, but none more brutal, more exacting than the one that now rattles through your skull. But the clock is ticking and if you don't uncover answers fast enough, your old war buddy Apanewicz will die as a POW. No, wait — that's not right. Apenewicz is fine. It's your parents. Your parents are being held hostage by terrorists and they won't make it out alive. Or was it…your wife and baby…?

Learn the truth behind the most dangerous man in the Valiant Universe when Bloodshot #1 begins an all-new tour of duty this July 11th!

Issue Recap

Project Rising Spirit has sent its walking weapon of mass destruction, an operative known as Bloodshot, into Afghanistan to eliminate a young super-powered harbinger girl that Is working with a known terrorist cell. However, Project Rising Spirit purposefully withholds that information, instead allowing him to believe that he Is going to save an old war buddy named Apanewicz.

Due to radically advanced nanites In his bloodstream, Bloodshot possesses higher levels of strength and speed than a normal human, can heal from virtually any wound, communicate with computer machinery and morph for limited periods of time. Those abilities enabled Bloodshot to make short work of the terrorist cell, but he quickly discovers that It was all a setup. A former PRS scientist named Dr. Kuretich manufactured the scenario In order to capture Bloodshot and download the details of his past missions from his brain.

In the process, Kuretich reveals to Bloodshot that Apanewicz isn't real. That PRS has implanted false memories of lives, families and friends Into Bloodshot's head, and It uses these memories to motivate him. PRS knows that Bloodshot will kill anything it points him at if It means protecting the ones he loves.

Kuretich makes his escape, and before Bloodshot can begin to wrap his mind around this traumatic revelation, he is blown apart by PRS operatives sent in to collect him. What PRS doesn't realize, is that the world's most dangerous military operative now knows the truth and is no longer under Its command.