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Beginning in May 2012, The Summer of Valiant saw the re-launch of a new Valiant Entertainment series each month until August. Starting with X-O Manowar, the other launch titles were Harbinger (June 2012), Bloodshot (July 2012) and Archer & Armstrong (August 2012). In November 2012 Shadowman also joined the line up to complete the re-launch of the new Valiant Universe. Valiant later announced they will be reviving the Summer of Valiant concept each year to launch further titles.

Pullbox Exclusive Variant Program

Another announcement to be made during The Summer of Valiant was the launch of pull-box incentive variant covers. In order to receive exclusive variants, fans have to open a pullbox subscription with their local comic store and fill out a form requesting the limited edition cover. Retailers will be able to register with Valiant to request the appropriate number of Pullbox Variants whenever the incentive is offered. The pull-box covers are normally illustrated by the issues interior artist.