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Not much is known about Nara's past, including why she left Atlantis to join The Braddock Academy. It has been indicated by fellow academy student Apex that Nara has abandonment issues. Before Murderworld it was revealed that Kid Briton was cheating on his girlfriend, Apex, with her. Their affair was accidently discovered by Anachronism, which caused Brian to beat him up. This apparently triggered Aiden's transformation and subsequently, Nara began to tease him but at the same time flirt with him. The two came close to kissing but Brian stopped it and the two fought. It was revealed later on Apex always knew about the affair and she set things in motion to get revenge on Nara for the humiliation she endured.

When the Academy kids were first kidnapped by Arcade and forced into murder world, they stuck together. By chance, Death Locket came across their camp and Brian and Nara were all too ready to kill her but Apex stopped it and invited Rebecca to join the group. As things continued and more people got attacked, such as Juston Seyfert and Darkhawk, Arcade kicked the game up a notch and provided safe zones for everyone...on the condition they would get there alive. A bridge collapsed, knocking Anachronism and Bloodstone into the water and Nara was blasted off into the water by Deathlocket, controlled by Apex. At first, Nara wanted to get revenge on Deathlocket but Bloodstone spelled it out and revealed to Nara that Katy was the one who orchestrated the entire thing. When the group was reunited, Nara threatened Apex and punched out Brian for refusing to save her. She and Apex began to fight but she was blasted away by Deathlocket. Bloodstone intervened and knocked out Rebecca, and Katy swayed Brian into attacking Nara. Nara began to taunt him, realizing how much he was being swayed either to help him break free or get him to attack Kay, but it backfired and she was attacked and dealt a grave wound on her side. Before Brian could finish her off, Aiden stepped in and saved her by killing Brian.


Nara was created by writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Kevin Walker. She first appeared in the story "Worse Things" in Avengers Arena #1 (Nov. 2013).

Powers & Abilities

Like all Atlanteans, Nara is amphibious. She wears a special helmet to breathe on land.