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This issue features three stories.

"When the Spirit Moves" - featuring Ghost Rider, Morbius and Jericho Drumm

"Blood Brothers" - featuring Blade

"Moon-Jack" - While shopping at a grocery store, Jack Russell transforms into the Werewolf to stop an armed robbery. The grateful clerk rewards him with two bags of groceries. Later, Jack wakes up in a mall parking lot amidst the remnants of a junk food binge. He has memories of violence he committed as the Werewolf, but it was merely him voraciously tearing into the wares of a candy store: gingerbread men, candy eyeballs and red soda.

Later, he again wakes up, this time outside a department store. He realizes his mouth is foaming, then recognizes the taste as laundry soap. That night, unsure of his behavior, he chains himself awaiting the full moon. He sees the moon, but it is flashing advertisements. He goes berserk and breaks free.

Elsewhere, an ad agency is celebrating their new device, a laser-generator that projects commercial images onto the moon. The Werewolf breaks into the party and destroys the device, but the moon unexpectedly displays ads beamed up from multiple locations.

Finally, Jack wakes up in his bed, relieved that the previous events were merely a nightmare.