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Atom eve was created by Robert Kirkman & Cory Walker. In Image's Invincible Ultimate Collection #1, Rob says

"Cory also came up with the BRILLIANT name Atom Eve"

Eve's first appearance was in Invincible #1.


Atom Eve first learning to use her powers

Atom Eve was created 19 years ago in an experiment to mutate an unborn child and create a weapon for the government. The scientist in charge was ashamed of what he had done so he traded the child with the dead child of another family. Eve went to live with the Wilkins and they named her Samantha Eve Wilkins. In school she was considered a science prodigy since she already knew everything about any science that anyone could teach her, which turned out to be an early manifestation of her powers. Before becoming a hero she was warned by the mysterious scientist who had helped to create her not to ever use her powers, for they could lead to her downfall. She goes on to defy this warning, realizing that she has the power to change the world for the better and joins the Teen Team, a group of after school super heroes.

Major Story Arcs

Meeting Invincible

When Invincible first runs across Atom Eve she is with the rest of the Teen Team as they try to stop a robbery of a shipment of video game systems by the Mauler twins. Shortly afterwards Mark and Eve learn that the two of them actually share a Physics class and had the same lunch period. He asks her if she wants to go out on patrol, which she thinks is a pass at her and she tells him that she's in a relationship with Rex-Splode. He tells her that she misunderstood him, and that he actually just wanted to go on patrol. She shows him a good place to take off and change into their costumes, and when he asks her if people will see them, she teaches him one of his most important lessons, that he'd be surprised how rarely people actually look up.

Eve coming to Invincible for a shoulder to cry on

She continues her relationship with Rex-Splode until she learns that he has been cheating with her on Dupli-Kate, her fellow Teen Team member. Not knowing where else to go she went to Mark and said that she didn't know anyone else to turn to right now, simply because outside of the Teen Team she didn't really have any friends. This was the first sign that something deeper might form between the two of them. She did begin to develop strong feelings for Mark but didn't realize it till after he was dating a girl from his school named Amber. She tried to move on and began dating Mark's friend, William Clockwell. The relationship didn't last long, as it seemed that he was more in love with her powers and the fact that he had a super hero for a girlfriend than he was with her.

Moving to Africa

In Africa Eve learns she still loves Mark

Ever since she was a child she wanted to use her powers for good but she always assumed that being a super hero was the best way to accomplish this. However after all that had happened to her she realized that being a super hero just wasn't for her. So she moved to Africa where she began using her powers to help those who really needed it. The only time that she puts her costume back on is when Invincible is away and the entire world is threatened by Omnipotus, inwhich she joins forces with every other hero imaginable to face him. After his defeat and after Mark returns to Earth, she decides to show Invincible how well things are going for her she invites him and his girlfriend Amber to come out and stay with her for a few days. While out there Eve subtly tries to convince Mark that Amber is wrong for him, saying that he just can't date normal people, but he tells her that she's wrong and that Amber is different from normal people. However he never detects that the reason why she's telling him this is because she actually loves him.

Mark and Eve finally kiss

Mark then battles Angstrom Levy who sucks him into one alternate dimension after another, trying to tire him out. He finally kills Levy but now discovers that he's trapped in a dimension that is an empty wasteland. He realizes he's never going to get back home, when he is suddenly visited by The Guardians of the Globe from an alternate future. They tell Mark that they've come back in time to return him home, but the future Atom Eve tells Mark that she always loved him, and that it was her greatest regret never letting him know. Mark is stunned to learn this so he tries to think about what he should do, if he really has feelings for her. He goes to Africa, hoping that seeing her will make things straighten out, but the moment he sees her the two of them kiss.

Lead up to the Invincible War

Feeling guilty over this, Mark breaks up with Amber and then tells Eve about what her future self said, which only upsets her so much that she leaves. Eventually, Mark finds her, although she made it difficult for him to do so. Mark wishes to talk to Eve about their last conversation, but she tells him that she is not in the mood to do so. However "work" keeps putting the two of them together whether they like it or not. When the Sequids begin to take over the planet of Mars and the astronauts stationed there, Mark and Eve have to help the Guardians of the Globe as they travel up there to free the Martians and save the humans. Eve is able to provide the team with barriers that keep them from being taken over until Robot has finished his device to destroy the Sequids, however Eve passes out right before he is done. When she comes too Invincible has saved the day and they are on a ship back to Earth, but she still doesn't want to talk about what has happened.

Soon after Mark tracks her down in Africa again but just as he does they receive another emergency distress signal from Cecil regarding the fact that all of the heroes have disappeared, and that he needs Mark back in the United States immediately. Eve decides to accompany Mark on this particular mission. While in flight, Mark tries to, again, talk about things between the two individuals. However, Eve tells him that she has no desire to talk about things at that time. When they arrive at the specified location, Eve uses her powers to drill three miles underground to where the heroes are being held by Doc Seismic. The two begin fighting Doc Seismic and the creatures under his control, but Eve is, eventually, knocked unconscious by a giant worm-like creature. As she falls, she is caught by Mark, who is then blindsided, dropping Eve. Before hitting the ground, Eve is retrieved by Wolf-man.

Invincible War and Conquest

Mark and Eve's first date

Mark decides that he is tired of the way that Cecil does things after he sees that he has begun to employ killers into his service and parts ways with him. After this Eve finally decides that its the right time for the two of them to finally be together. They have their first date which is interrupted by the time travelers Fightmaster and Dropkick. After this however they are able to finally spend a romantic night together. The two of them plan to live in a place together in a couple of months which prompts Eve to go to various prisons, power stations, and whatever else that seems to be under attack from Villains to have those places pay Mark to be on guard for them.

Eve faces Conquest, and loses

The first call Mark gets is about all of the other Invincibles from other dimensions attacking various places. Eve joins in the fight against the alternate reality Invincibles that had been summoned in by Angstrom Levy, and she is badly injured in the fight. She spends the next few days in the hospital with Mark by her side. When she wakes up Mark is gone and she sees him on the news battling Conquest, a Viltrumite who has come to Earth to make sure that Mark is ready to take over the planet. She leaves the hospital, still in bandages, and shows up to help Mark who is almost beaten to death at this point. Conquest beats Eve with ease and it appears as if she's dead, causing Mark to launch out in rage, which even then he isn't able to defeat Conquest. However, Eve is not dead, ever since she was born she had a limit placed on her powers where she couldn't affect organic tissue, but by being this close to death the limiter has been released. Her powers kick in and completely regenerate and rebuild her body and she attacks Conquest with her new powers that allow her to sear the skin off his body. Invincible is able to use this opening to finish Conquest off and the both of them pass out soon afterwards, just as the rest of Earth's heroes show up in time to help.

Eve finds out she's pregnant.

Mark wakes up recovering in Cecil's labs with Eve there next to him. She explains to him about how she rebuilt her entire body with her powers, which Mark comments on how she rebuilt herself a little differently, pointing out that her breast were now larger, which she just says must have been done subconsciously. Mark's brother Oliver is skeptical of this when he hears it, saying how hard it is to rebuild yourself atom by atom. He apparently wasn't wrong to say this as her powers begin to act up, leaving strange energy behind or causing flowers to grow where she sleeps. Shortly after this and a romantic trysts between the two young lovers, Mark is talking to Eve behind a bathroom door where she seems distracted. Unknown to Mark, she has just learned that she is pregnant.

The Viltrumite War

Mark is needed by his father to go into space, because it is now time for what he has been training, to face off against the Viltrumite warriors. Even has been wondering how to break the news to Mark that she's pregnant, but she knows this is not the time to do that, when he's about to travel into space to face his greatest threat. Mark is gone for eight months, most of which is spent in a coma after he faces off again with Conquest. During this time it is later revealed that Eve and Mark's mom, Deborah, bonded over their fear of what could be happening to Mark and they ended up becoming friends.

Mark finds Eve has a slightly different body, much to his delight

When Mark returned he went to see Eve, however after eight months he stumbled upon a surprise, during this time Eve had gained around sixty pounds. She's ashamed to be seen like this but Mark loves her so much he doesn't even notice it. They stay together for hours talking about what had happened and she learns about how he had been in a coma for months. She eventually gains her self esteem back and goes back to being the old Eve that Mark knew, although she's anxious to lose the weight, Mark on the other hand actually doesn't mind it, in fact it turns out that he actually thinks she's more attractive with the weight.

However there is still the mystery of what happened to her pregnancy, and after Mark is back she decides she wants to try and catch up with Dupli-Kate and her new husband, the Immortal. They go to have dinner at their place and Eve spends the evening catching up with Kate. However, when she is helping her give her babies a bath, Eve suddenly gets very depressed and starts to tear up. She leaves the house and Mark asks her what is wrong, and it's then that she finally has to break down and tell him that she had an abortion. She tells him that she was so scared about what was going to happen to Mark and she thought he was dead, she couldn't raise this child on her own, especially not with the grief of thinking Mark was dead. Mark just hugs her and both of them cry as he tells her that he is so sorry for what he did.

When they get home that night Mark finds out that his mother is leaving with his father to go and try and repair their marriage, leaving Mark and Eve alone in their house. It's then that Eve says she can't live with her mother anymore and she's going to move into Mark's now empty house with him. They sleep in his twin size bed at first before she finally makes him move into his parent's room, which she has to clean on an atomic level because he refuses to sleep in a place where his parents have been intimate.


Atom Eve has the power to restructure matter with a thought. As long as she knows how something is made up she can change it into something else and since was created with a great understanding of chemistry and the molecular structure of things as well as an innate knowledge of every law of science, her abilities are only limited by her imagination. She can change living and non-living matter, make atoms obey her will, create new atoms and form complex forms of life out of non-living matter, fly, create force-fields and shape energy to make any object she can visualize. She can augment normally unhealthy food such as cakes and other sweets into nutritious foods as well as re-arrange the environment.

One major down side of her ability is that any unused atoms are absorbed into her body, which are then removed as waste, she has claimed that on days when she uses her powers a lot she can "go to the bathroom" six or seven times.

Alternate Versions

An evil version of Atom eve was spotted working for the Emperor in Emperor's Elite, she was known as Atom Shiva, this was most likely a reference to the Hindu god Shiva who was known as The Destroyer or The Transformer, due to the nature of Eve's powers it is a pretty well fitting name.