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One Piece Vol. 35 JPN (Nov 2004)

Franky is one of the main characters in the series One Piece that was created by Eiichiro Oda. The series first began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump on August 4, 1997. He would later appear in the Water Seven Arc that began in Volume 33

Franky's first appeared in One Piece Volume 35, CH. 329 "Enter "My Name is 'Franky'", and

The hairstyle of Franky is similar to that of Jim Carrey in his role of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective(1994). This is not unusual given Oda's taste in parodying celebrities for characters.

Character Evolution

Major Story Arcs

Water 7 Arc

Franky's men had stolen 2 million from a man in the city, and he took most of that to buy the wood of the tree of Adam. Upon his return, he found the Franky Family base destroyed by the Straw Hat Pirates. Franky went after the captain, Monkey D. Luffy, at the Galley-La Company, and he learned that someone had attempted to kill Iceburg Later, Franky was captured by the CP-9 since they were after the plans to Pluton that he was holding in secret.

He was released on the sea train, and he fought along with Usopp and Sanji of the Straw Hats. They were trying o free Nico Robin, and Franky had heard of her ability to read the Poneglyphs from Tom.Franky was captured again when Robin betrayed her friends, and they were both taken to Enies Lobby.

Enies Lobby Arc

The Straw Hats came to Enies Lobby to save Robin, and Franky burned the Pluton plans once he realized that Robin had no intention of reviving any of the ancient weapons. Franky then aided the Straw Hats in trying to free Nico Robin.m but that meant defeating all the CP-9 since only one had the key to Robin's cuffs. Franky fought Fukuro and won after he got a power boost of fresh cola. Then following Nami's instructions, he stopped the rampage of the monstrously transformed Chopper. It was ultimately Franky who ran on ahead to free Robin of her cuffs and defend her until the rest of the crew arrived.

Once back at Water Seven, Franky swore to the Straw Hats that he would build them anew ship using the wood of the Adam tree. He was helped by Iceburg and his Galley-La Workers in building the Thousand Sunny. Due to the Enies Lobby incident, Franky was now a wanted man, and his own Franky Family was trying to force him to run off with the Straw Hats on their journey. Franky was still reluctant, but his protesting was broken by the actions of Nico Robin. Iceburg also reassured him that it was time he followed his own dream aboard the sip he created. Franky officially joined the crew as their shipwright.

Thriller Bark Arc

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

Lost Friends Mini Arc

Dawn island Arc

Fish-Man Island Arc

Punk Hazard Arc

Dressrosa Arc

Franky was part of the team to search Dressrosa for the artificial devil fruit, but much of them got fractured in some chaos in town. Luffy was the only one left with him. While they were investigating, they learned that Doflamingo was offering Ace's Flame-Flame Fruit as the prize in a tournament as a trap for Luffy. Luffy entered the competition, and Franky went in search for the factory.

Powers & Abilities

Weapons & Equipment

Black Rhino FR-U IV

Brachio Tank Unit V

General Franky


Age: 34 (debut) 36 (after time skip)

Hair : Blond

Height: 7' 5 1/2" (225cm)

Distinguishing Marks: Hair and Cyborg Body

Favorites: ships/ vehicles

Crew Position: Shipwright

Specialty: Repairing Ships / Armed Combat / Building Anything

Dream: To Build a Ship that can Sail Around the World that is made of Adam Wood

Current Bounty: 44,000,000 (Beli)

Other Media


One Piece (1999)

The One Piece animated series is a direct adaptation of Oda's original manga.. It's produced by TOEI Animation and first began airing in October 20, 1999. Franky's his first anime appearance was in One Piece - Episode 233 " The Pirate Kidnapping Incident and the Pirate Ship Waits for Death!". He has had two separate voice actors for his adult version and another for his childhood, Cutty Flam, version told in the flash back story. His standard Japanese voice actor is Kazuki Yao . The teen version of Franky was voice by Junko Noda . For the U.S. dub produced by FUNimation is done by Patrick Seitz. Cutty Flam voice was done by Greg Ayres.