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California is a state that is located in the Western United States. It's capital is Sacramento and is the home of the San Diego Comic Con.

Comic Book Locations:

  • Edwards Air Force Base - A US military installation
  • Eureka, CA - A city in California
  • Hollywood, CA - Where stars are made
  • Los Angeles, CA - Largest city in California
  • San Diego, CA - Home to the San Diego Comic Con
  • San Francisco, CA - A large city in California
  • Star City - Fictional city protected by the Green Arrow
  • S.T.A.R. Labs - Has locations is Los Angeles and San Francisco in the DC Universe
  • Sub Diego - The portion of San Diego that sunk into the sea
  • Titans Tower - Headquarters of the Teen Titans, which is located in San Francisco Bay

Geographical Locations

  • Cascade Mountains